About Us

Mission Statement:
Our mission exists for the purpose of helping those without the basic necessities to live with dignity in the U.S. and Haiti.

Our vision is to provide information and resources to disadvantaged individuals of Haiti and the U. S. to enable them to reach their goals.

Scattering Resources, Inc. (SR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the needs of individuals who are in poverty in Haiti and in the USA known. Initially, SR will focus its efforts on disadvantaged individuals in Haiti who have limited access to education, training, and health care and who are living, in some cases, in dangerous environments due to wars, natural disasters and unsanitary conditions.

It is the goal of SR to campaign on behalf of these disadvantaged individuals and provide resources that will enable them to move from a state of diasporas and desperation to independence and self-sufficiency. The transition of these individuals from poverty will only come through education, adequate health care, and access to employment, training opportunities and counseling. Scattering Resources’ main activities will be outreach, awareness discussions and workshops to individuals here in the U.S. and who have compassion for the plight of the individuals in Haiti. In addition, SR will also distribute donations of nonperishable items (i.e. send books, clothing, etc.) and send other resources to Haiti that will aid in the fight against poverty. Scattering Resources, Inc. thanks you in advance for your help in making our mission a success.